NOTE: If the game doesn't load after 3 seconds, try refreshing the page and it should work!!!

CONTROLS: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up and down

Your owner says it's bathtime. You don't like baths!

RUN: Escape through the yard and run as far as you can, while avoiding obstacles! Plus, see how much dirtier you can get by hitting mud puddles, collecting bones, and running through leaf piles!

BOOM: Create EXPLOSIONS, jump trampolines, and escape through the yard!
HATS: Buy hats! Check your toybox and spend dirt and buy cute hats and wear them!
POWER UPS: Some bones act as power ups and give you special abilities!
SECRET: Try petting the doggie on the main menu!

SUPER SECRET: If you want to reset your top scores, dirty amount, and the hats you own, just tap the yellow flower to the left of Chihuahua. This will reset everything

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