Use your keyboard Arrow keys to move up and down!

Doggie Infinite runner

Your owner says it's bathtime. You don't like baths!

Escape through the yard and run as far as you can, while avoiding obstacles! Plus, see how much dirtier you can get by hitting mud puddles, collecting bones, and running through leaf piles! We don't need a bath - look how smelly we can get!

Some bones act as power ups and give you special abilities!

NOTE: The screenshot shows leaderboards and achievements, these are only available in the Google Play version at this time!

MORE NOTES: If you want to reset your saved best scores, just "shake" the chihuahua's left paw :) (his left)

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Published194 days ago
TagsCute, escape, infinite, Runner, Side Scroller
Average durationA few minutes
Player countSingleplayer

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